5 Signs – it’s time to replace your roof

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]5 Signs – it’s time to replace your roofThere are so many important things in our house that are to be taken care of. With walls protecting from the sides, roofs take care from the top making it an overall protection. Over time the roof starts to wear off or suffer due to storm damage. This is when you should realize you should replace or repair your roof. It is very important to recognize the signs of when it should be repaired or replaced.

Here are 5 indoor and outdoor signs that you need to replace your roof –[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Problem of Shingles – Inspection of shingles on a regular basis will let you know beforehand if you have damage or no, which will save you from unnecessary expenses. If the shingles are torn, cracked or missing, it will no longer be able to function properly. It means you can no longer protect your valuables from the elements and should be replaced quickly.

Rot and Mold – With the storm leaving unwanted materials, water and snow accumulating on the roof can cause structural damage. Homeowners should look out for such signs for rot and mold.

Leakage or water damage – If it is sagging or discolored due to water damage, this is a warning sign that it is no longer impenetrable.

Outside light showing through the ceiling – The interior in your house is in serious danger when you see this sign, when your area experiences inclement weather.

Loose roofing material – Check your gutters for shingle gutters, if they get accumulated in a large number, it can be a problem. A replacement is needed immediately. Make sure to inspect your pipes, vents and chimneys for any other material.

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